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Module BaseBuilt

module BaseBuilt: sig .. end
Register files built to be installed
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

type t =
| BExec
| BExecLib
| BLib
| BDoc
val register : t -> -> OASISTypes.host_filename list list -> unit
Register files built. Each files built is provided as a list of alternatives. At least one alternative file should exist when registering and we only register existing ones.
val unregister : t -> -> unit
Unregister all files built.
val fold : t -> -> ('a -> OASISTypes.host_filename -> 'a) -> 'a -> 'a
Fold-left files built, filter existing and non-existing files.
val is_built : t -> -> bool
Check if a library/doc/exec has been built.
val of_executable : (OASISTypes.unix_filename -> OASISTypes.host_filename) ->
OASISTypes.common_section * OASISTypes.build_section * OASISTypes.executable ->
(t * * OASISTypes.host_filename list list) list *
OASISTypes.unix_filename * OASISTypes.unix_filename option
of_executable loc_fn (cs, bs, exec) Compute at the same time events that should be registered by BaseBuilt.register and data returned by OASISExecutable.unix_exec_is. Use loc_fn, if generated files are moved to a directory different from sources (e.g. in directory "_build").
val of_library : (OASISTypes.unix_filename -> OASISTypes.host_filename) ->
OASISTypes.common_section * OASISTypes.build_section * OASISTypes.library ->
(t * * OASISTypes.host_filename list list) list *
OASISTypes.unix_filename list list
of_library loc_fn (cs, bs, lib) Same as BaseBuilt.of_executable, but using OASISLibrary.generated_unix_files.