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Module OASISTypes

module OASISTypes: sig .. end
Package definition

This module contains all the types used to build an OASIS package. A package is described by an '_oasis' file.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall


type name = string 
Standard name.
type package_name = string 
Name of a package, see OASISTypes.package.
type url = string 
Standard URL.
type unix_dirname = string 
UNIX directory name.
type unix_filename = string 
UNIX file name.
type host_dirname = string 
Host directory name.
type host_filename = string 
Host file name.
type prog = string 
type arg = string 
Command line argument.
type args = arg list 
Command line arguments.
type command_line = prog * args 
Command line.
type findlib_name = string 
Package name for findlib, doesn't contain '.'.
type findlib_full = string 
Package name + path for findlib, made of several findlib name concatenated with '.'.

OASIS package definition

type compiled_object =
| Byte (*Always use byte code.*)
| Native (*Always use native code.*)
| Best (*Use either byte or native, depending ocamlopt availability.*)
Compilation type.

type dependency =
| FindlibPackage of findlib_full * OASISVersion.comparator option (*External findlib package.*)
| InternalLibrary of name (*Section library of the given name.*)
Package dependency.

type tool =
| ExternalTool of name (*External tool.*)
| InternalExecutable of name (*Section executable of the given name.*)
Tool dependency.

type vcs =
| Darcs (*Darcs*)
| Git (*Git*)
| Svn (*Subversion*)
| Cvs (*CVS*)
| Hg (*Mercurial*)
| Bzr (*Bazaar*)
| Arch (*GNU arch*)
| Monotone (*Monotone*)
| OtherVCS of url (*Anything else, follow URL for description.*)
Possible VCS.
type 'a conditional = 'a OASISExpr.choices 
Conditional value, last expression that evaluate to true define the value.
type plugin_kind = [ `Build | `Configure | `Doc | `Extra | `Install | `Test ] 
Plugin kind.
type plugin_data_purpose = [ `Build
| `Clean
| `Configure
| `Distclean
| `Doc
| `Extra
| `Install
| `Other of string
| `Test
| `Uninstall ]
Additional data to allow registration of more than one data property per plugin. See OASISPlugin.data_new_property
type 'a plugin = 'a * name * OASISVersion.t option 
Plugin definition, plugin type depends on which fields this types is used for.
type all_plugin = plugin_kind plugin 
type plugin_data = (all_plugin * plugin_data_purpose * (unit -> unit))
Property list storage for plugin data

type custom = {
   pre_command : command_line option conditional; (*Run before.*)
   post_command : command_line option conditional; (*Run after.*)
Set of command lines to run before and after a step.

type common_section = {
   cs_name : name; (*Name of the section.*)
   cs_data : PropList.Data.t;
   cs_plugin_data : plugin_data; (*Property list attached to the section.*)
Common attributes for sections.

type build_section = {
   bs_build : bool conditional; (*Build this section.*)
   bs_install : bool conditional; (*Install this section.*)
   bs_path : unix_dirname; (*Top level location of the sources.*)
   bs_compiled_object : compiled_object; (*What kind of compilation.*)
   bs_build_depends : dependency list; (*List of dependencies.*)
   bs_build_tools : tool list; (*List of build tools.*)
   bs_c_sources : unix_filename list; (*C sources, relative to bs_path.*)
   bs_data_files : (unix_filename * unix_filename option) list; (*Data files and their install location, relative to bs_path.*)
   bs_ccopt : args conditional; (*Options for -ccopt.*)
   bs_cclib : args conditional; (*Options for -cclib.*)
   bs_dlllib : args conditional; (*Options for -dllib.*)
   bs_dllpath : args conditional; (*Options for -dllpath.*)
   bs_byteopt : args conditional; (*Option to pass to ocamlc.*)
   bs_nativeopt : args conditional; (*Option to pass to ocamlopt.*)
Common attributes for Executable and Library sections.

type library = {
   lib_modules : string list; (*List of modules exported by the library.*)
   lib_pack : bool; (*Are we building a packed library?*)
   lib_internal_modules : string list; (*List of modules not-exported by the library, but compiled along.*)
   lib_findlib_parent : findlib_name option; (*Name of the findlib parent, if any.*)
   lib_findlib_name : findlib_name option; (*Findlib name of this library, this name is used to refer to this library in build dependencies.*)
   lib_findlib_containers : findlib_name list; (*Name of virtual containers (empty findlib package) between findlib parent and findlib name*)
Library definition.

type object_ = {
   obj_modules : string list;
   obj_findlib_fullname : findlib_name list option; (*Findlib name of this library, this name is used to refer to this library in build dependencies.*)
Object definition.

type executable = {
   exec_custom : bool; (*Use -custom ocamlc option.*)
   exec_main_is : unix_filename; (*Main file to compile, dependencies should be guessed by build system.*)
Executable definition.

type flag = {
   flag_description : string option; (*Short description.*)
   flag_default : bool conditional; (*Default value.*)
Command line flag definition.

type source_repository = {
   src_repo_type : vcs; (*Repository type.*)
   src_repo_location : url; (*Where to fetch the source, using appropriate VCS tool.*)
   src_repo_browser : url option; (*Where to browse the source, using web browser.*)
   src_repo_module : string option; (*Depending on VCS, which module (e.g. CVS).*)
   src_repo_branch : string option; (*Depending on VCS, which branch (e.g. git).*)
   src_repo_tag : string option; (*Depending on VCS, which tag (e.g. tag for darcs, git or svn).*)
   src_repo_subdir : unix_filename option; (*Depending on VCS, which sub directory (e.g. svn).*)
Source repository definition.

type test = {
   test_type : [ `Test ] plugin; (*Plugin to run the test, default custom.*)
   test_command : command_line conditional; (*Command to run the test, may depend on the plugin meaning.*)
   test_custom : custom; (*Custom command lines to run before and after.*)
   test_working_directory : unix_filename option; (*Which working directorty to chdir in.*)
   test_run : bool conditional; (*Should we run the test.*)
   test_tools : tool list; (*Tools required for this test.*)
Test definition.

type doc_format =
| HTML of unix_filename (*HTML files and their main entry point (e.g. HTML "index.html")*)
| DocText (*Plain text.*)
| PDF (*Portable document format.*)
| PostScript
| Info of unix_filename (*Info files and their main entry point.*)
| OtherDoc (*Anything else.*)
Document formats.

type doc = {
   doc_type : [ `Doc ] plugin; (*Plugin to build this document, default none.*)
   doc_custom : custom; (*Custom command lines ommand to before and after.*)
   doc_build : bool conditional; (*Build this document.*)
   doc_install : bool conditional; (*Install this document.*)
   doc_install_dir : unix_filename; (*Where to install this document.*)
   doc_title : string; (*What is the title of this document.*)
   doc_authors : string list; (*Who are the authors of this document.*)
   doc_abstract : string option; (*Abstract of this document.*)
   doc_format : doc_format; (*Format of this document.*)
   doc_data_files : (unix_filename * unix_filename option) list; (*All data files and where they should be install, by default to doc_install_dir*)
   doc_build_tools : tool list; (*Tools required to generate this document.*)
Document definition.

type section =
| Library of common_section * build_section * library
| Object of common_section * build_section * object_
| Executable of common_section * build_section * executable
| Flag of common_section * flag
| SrcRepo of common_section * source_repository
| Test of common_section * test
| Doc of common_section * doc
All sections and their attributes.
type section_kind = [ `Doc | `Executable | `Flag | `Library | `Object | `SrcRepo | `Test ] 

type package = {
   oasis_version : OASISVersion.t; (*OASIS version used to write this package.*)
   ocaml_version : OASISVersion.comparator option; (*OCaml version required for this package.*)
   findlib_version : OASISVersion.comparator option; (*Findlib version required for this package.*)
   alpha_features : string list; (*Alpha features enabled for this package.*)
   beta_features : string list; (*Beta features enabled for this package.*)
   name : package_name; (*Name of this package.*)
   version : OASISVersion.t; (*Version of this package.*)
   license : OASISLicense.t; (*License of this package.*)
   license_file : unix_filename option; (*File containing the license of this package.*)
   copyrights : string list; (*Copyright holders (e.g. companies or people).*)
   maintainers : string list; (*People actually taking care of this package (e.g. subset of copyright holders)*)
   authors : string list; (*Real people who wrote this package, not their companies.*)
   homepage : url option; (*Location of the package homepage.*)
   synopsis : string; (*Short description of the package.*)
   description : OASISText.t option; (*Long description of the package.*)
   categories : url list; (*List of categories that the package belong to.*)
   conf_type : [ `Configure ] plugin; (*Plugin to configure, default internal.*)
   conf_custom : custom; (*Actions around configure step.*)
   build_type : [ `Build ] plugin; (*Plugin to build, default ocamlbuild.*)
   build_custom : custom; (*Actions around build step.*)
   install_type : [ `Install ] plugin; (*Plugin to install/uninstall, default internal.*)
   install_custom : custom; (*Actions around install step.*)
   uninstall_custom : custom; (*Actions around uninstall step.*)
   clean_custom : custom; (*Actions around clean step.*)
   distclean_custom : custom; (*Actions aroudn distclean step.*)
   files_ab : unix_filename list; (*Files to generate by replacing token in it after configure step.*)
   sections : section list; (*All sections (libraries, executables, tests...).*)
   plugins : [ `Extra ] plugin list; (*Extra plugins applied.*)
   disable_oasis_section : unix_filename list; (*Files which should not have OASIS Section comments and digests*)
   schema_data : PropList.Data.t;
   plugin_data : plugin_data; (*Property list attached to this package.*)
OASIS package, what an '_oasis' file contains.

Quickstart questions

type 'a quickstart_level =
| NoChoice of 'a (*Don't ask question, use provided value.*)
| Beginner (*Ask the question to a beginner and above.*)
| Intermediate (*Ask the question to an intermediate user and above.*)
| Expert (*Ask the question to an expert.*)
Quickstart level. Not exported.

type 'a quickstart_question =
| Field (*Short text.*)
| Text (*Long text, may use editor for it.*)
| Choices of 'a list (*Multiple choices in a list.*)
| ExclusiveChoices of 'a list (*Pick a single choice in the list.*)
Howto ask questions in quickstart. Not exported.

ODN functions

These functions allow to generate standalone code, by serializing OCaml data using OCaml notation. They are not exported.

See the OCaml data notation project

val odn_of_name : name -> ODN.t
val odn_of_package_name : package_name -> ODN.t
val odn_of_url : url -> ODN.t
val odn_of_unix_dirname : unix_dirname -> ODN.t
val odn_of_unix_filename : unix_filename -> ODN.t
val odn_of_prog : prog -> ODN.t
val odn_of_arg : arg -> ODN.t
val odn_of_args : args -> ODN.t
val odn_of_command_line : prog * args -> ODN.t
val odn_of_findlib_name : findlib_name -> ODN.t
val odn_of_findlib_full : findlib_name -> ODN.t
val odn_of_conditional : ('a -> ODN.t) -> 'a OASISExpr.choices -> ODN.t
val odn_of_package : package -> ODN.t