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Module OASISLicense

module OASISLicense: sig .. end
License definition

This module allows to manipulate DEP-5 style license.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall
See also DEP-5

type license 
Valid licenses
type license_exception 
Valid license exceptions.

type license_version =
| Version of OASISVersion.t
| VersionOrLater of OASISVersion.t
| NoVersion
License version.

type license_dep_5_unit = {
   license : license;
   excption : license_exception option;
   version : license_version;
DEP-5 license, basic.

type license_dep_5 =
| DEP5Unit of license_dep_5_unit
| DEP5Or of license_dep_5 list
| DEP5And of license_dep_5 list
DEP-5 license, complex.

type t =
| DEP5License of license_dep_5
| OtherLicense of string
OASIS supported type of license.

type license_data = {
   long_name : string; (*Expanded name of the license.*)
   versions : OASISVersion.t list; (*Standard versions of the license.*)
   note : string option; (*Extra information about the license.*)
   deprecated : string option; (*Deprecated alternative.*)
Extra data about license Not exported

type license_exception_data = {
   explanation : string; (*Purpose of the exception.*)
   licenses : license list; (*Compatible licenses with the exception.*)
Extra data about license exception Not exported
val to_string : t -> string
Convert a DEP-5 license to string. Not exported.
val legal_disclaimer : string -> t -> string
Convert a DEP-5 license to a legal disclaimer for the product. Not exported.
val string_of_license : license -> string
Convert a license to string. Not exported.
val string_of_license_exception : license_exception -> string
Convert a license exception to string. Not exported.
val value : t OASISValues.t
License value. Not exported.
val choices : unit -> t list
Choices for quickstart question. Not exported.
val license_data : unit -> (license * license_data) list
All available license, their short name, their long name, and compatible versions. Not exported.
val license_exception_data : unit ->
(license_exception * license_exception_data) list
All available license exception, their name, and compatible license. Not exported.
val odn_of_t : t -> ODN.t
Dump ODN.t. Not exported.

License definitions

No licenses are exported.

val proprietary : license
val apache : license
val artistic : license
val bsd2 : license
val bsd3 : license
val bsd4 : license
val cecill : license
val cecillb : license
val cecillc : license
val freebsd : license
val isc : license
val cc_by : license
val cc_by_sa : license
val cc_by_nd : license
val cc_by_nc : license
val cc_by_nc_sa : license
val cc_by_nc_nd : license
val cc0 : license
val cddl : license
val cpl : license
val eiffel : license
val expat : license
val gpl : license
val lgpl : license
val agpl : license
val gfdl : license
val gfdl_niv : license
val lppl : license
val mpl : license
val perl : license
val psf : license
val qpl : license
val w3c_software : license
val zlib : license
val zope : license
val mit : license
val wtfpl : license
val public_domain : license
val ocaml_linking_exception : license_exception