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Module BaseCheck

module BaseCheck: sig .. end
Check host system features
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val prog_best : OASISTypes.prog -> OASISTypes.prog list -> unit -> OASISTypes.host_filename
Look for a program among a list of alternative program * the first found is returned.
val prog : OASISTypes.prog -> unit -> OASISTypes.host_filename
Check the presence of a particular program.
val prog_opt : OASISTypes.prog -> unit -> OASISTypes.host_filename
Check the presence of a program or its native version.
val ocamlfind : unit -> OASISTypes.host_filename
The ocamlfind command line tool, used to query version of package. Use BaseStandardVar.ocamlfind variable if you want a safe way to access this variable.
val version : string ->
OASISVersion.comparator ->
(unit -> OASISVersion.StringVersion.t) ->
unit -> OASISVersion.StringVersion.t
version var_pref cmp ver () Check version ver (), using cmp and OASISVersion.comparator_apply. Generate a variable prefixed by var_pref and using OASISVersion.varname_of_comparator.
val package_version : OASISTypes.findlib_full -> OASISVersion.StringVersion.t
Get findlib package version .
val package : ?version_comparator:OASISVersion.comparator ->
OASISTypes.findlib_full -> unit -> OASISTypes.host_dirname
Check for findlib package and version. Return install directory.