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Module BaseGenerate

module BaseGenerate: sig .. end
Generate '' and other files
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val restore : ctxt:OASISContext.t -> unit -> unit
Restore generated files, when generate has been called with ~restore:true. Not exported.
val generate : ctxt:OASISContext.t ->
restore:bool ->
backup:bool ->
setup_fn:OASISTypes.host_filename ->
?nocompat:bool ->
?oasis_exec:OASISTypes.host_filename ->
?oasis_fn:OASISTypes.host_filename ->
?oasis_setup_args:string list ->
OASISSetupUpdate.t ->
OASISTypes.package -> OASISFileTemplate.file_generate_change list
Generate '' file and the rest of the build system. Not exported.