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Module FormatExt

module FormatExt: sig .. end
Extra functions for Format

Format functions that uses markdown syntax.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val pp_print_string_spaced : Format.formatter -> string -> unit
Print a string considering ' ' as Format space.
val pp_print_list : (Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit) ->
('b, Format.formatter, unit) Pervasives.format ->
Format.formatter -> 'a list -> unit
pp_print_list pp_elem sep fmt lst Print the list lst of elements using pp_elem for each element and separate them by sep.
val pp_print_para : Format.formatter -> ?end_para:bool -> string -> unit
pp_print_para fmt str Print a paragraph. '\n\n' mark the end of a paragraph.
val pp_print_paraf : Format.formatter ->
?end_para:bool -> ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a
See FormatExt.pp_print_para.
val pp_print_title : Format.formatter -> int -> string -> unit
pp_print_title fmt lvl str Print a title using markdown formatting.
val pp_print_titlef : Format.formatter -> int -> ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a
See FormatExt.pp_print_title.
val pp_print_cut2 : Format.formatter -> unit -> unit
Print two cut in a row.
val pp_print_endblock : ?check_last_char:string -> Format.formatter -> unit -> unit
Print 1 or 2 newlines depending on the previous char.
val pp_print_def : Format.formatter ->
string -> ((Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit) * 'a) list -> unit
Print a definition, as defined by pandoc (ext. of markdown)>