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Module OASISExpr

module OASISExpr: sig .. end
Boolean expressions

This module provides a boolean expression evaluator. See OASIS manual for the precise syntax of the boolean expression
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall
See also OASIS Manual


type test 
Test definition.
val tests : test list
Mandatory tests.
val string_of_test : test -> string
Convert a test to string.
val test_of_string : string -> test
Convert a string to test.


type flag = string 
type t = 
| EBool of bool (*
true or false
| ENot of t (*
! e
| EAnd of t * t (*
e1 && e2
| EOr of t * t (*
e1 || e2
| EFlag of flag (*
flag(foo), a boolean value.
| ETest of test * string (*
os_type(Win32), a value compared to a string.
Boolean expression definition.
type 'a choices = (t * 'a) list 
Choose among different values
val eval : (string -> string) -> t -> bool
eval eval_tst t Evaluates the expression. Use eval_tst to get values of flags and tests.
val choose : ?printer:('a -> string) ->
?name:string -> (string -> string) -> 'a choices -> 'a
choose ~printer ~name eval_tst choices Evaluate each conditions of choices and choose the last condition that evaluates to true. If something goes wrong, use printer to display values and ~name as the choice list name.

See also OASISExpr.eval.

val check : flag list -> t -> unit
Check that a boolean expression only use available flags. Not exported.
val reduce : t -> t
Try to reduce the size of a boolean expression. Not exported.
val reduce_choices : 'a choices -> 'a choices
Try to reduce the size of a choice list. Not exported.
val if_then_else : t ->
'a choices -> 'a choices -> 'a choices
if_then_else cond choices_if choices_else Combine choices, if_then_else style.
val odn_of_choices : ('a -> OASISDataNotation.t) -> 'a choices -> OASISDataNotation.t
Dump OASISDataNotation.t. Not exported.
val to_string : t -> string
Transform an expression into a string. Not exported
val string_of_choices : ('a -> string) -> 'a choices -> string
Transform a list of choice into a string. Not exported