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Module OASISFileTemplate

module OASISFileTemplate: sig .. end
Generate files replacing parts of it

This module allow to generate files using template. Each template files is split into three parts: an header, a body and a footer. We target at changing the body part. If target file already exists, we load the header and the footer from it. We merge the three parts and repalce the target files.

There are some safety limits:

The whole module is not exported.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall


type comment 
Comment definition.
val comment_ml : comment
.ml comments.
val comment_sh : comment
Shell comments.
val comment_makefile : comment
Makefile comments.
val comment_ocamlbuild : comment
OCamlbuild comments.
val comment_bat : comment
.bat file comments.
val comment_meta : comment
META file comments.
val comment_markdown : comment
Markdown comments.


type line = string 
type body = 
| NoBody
| Body of line list
| BodyWithDigest of Digest.t * line list
type template = {
   fn : OASISUnixPath.host_filename;
   comment : comment;
   header : line list;
   body : body;
   footer : line list;
   perm : int;
   important : bool; (*
Determine if should be kept in dynamic mode.
   disable_oasis_section : bool; (*
Determine if OASIS section comments and digest should be omitted.
val template_make : OASISUnixPath.host_filename ->
comment ->
line list ->
line list ->
line list -> template
template_make fn cmt header body footer Create a template for which target file is fn.
val template_of_string_list : ctxt:OASISContext.t ->
template:bool ->
?disable_oasis_section:bool ->
OASISUnixPath.host_filename ->
comment ->
line list -> template
template_of_string_list ~ctxt ~template ~pure fn cmt lst Split the list lst into a header, body and footer, using comment cmt to determine each part. Set ~template if this is an embedded template (i.e. not a file loaded from disk). If ~disable_oasis_section is set, then the list is processed on the assumption that there is no header and footer. See OASISFileTemplate.template_make for other options.
val template_of_mlfile : OASISUnixPath.host_filename ->
line list ->
line list ->
line list -> template
template_of_ml_file fn Create an OCaml file template taking into account subtleties, like line modifier. See OASISFileTemplate.template_make for other options.

File generation

val to_string_list : template -> line list
Create a list representation of the file.
type file_generate_change = 
| Create of OASISUnixPath.host_filename (*
Create fn, fn is the target file, nothing exists before
| Change of OASISUnixPath.host_filename * OASISUnixPath.host_filename option (*
Change (fn, bak), bak is the backup file, an existing file has been changed.
| NoChange (*
Nothing done, the file doesn't need to be updated
Describe what has been done to generate a file out of a template.
val file_rollback : ctxt:OASISContext.t -> file_generate_change -> unit
Reset to pristine a generated file.
val file_generate : ctxt:OASISContext.t ->
?remove:bool ->
backup:bool ->
template -> file_generate_change
Generate a file using a template. Only the part between OASIS_START and OASIS_STOP will be really replaced if the file exists. If the file doesn't exist use the whole template. If ~remove is true, then an existing file will be deleted iff the template body is [] and the header and footer of the file match the template's (used by the -remove option for setup-clean).

Multiple templates management

exception AlreadyExists of OASISUnixPath.host_filename
Try to add a file that is already in the set
type templates 
Set of templates.
val create : disable_oasis_section:OASISUnixPath.unix_filename list ->
unit -> templates
No generated template files with the given set of files with the OASIS section disabled.
val find : OASISUnixPath.host_filename ->
templates -> template
Find a generated template file.
val add : template ->
templates -> templates
Add a generated template file.
val remove : OASISUnixPath.host_filename ->
templates -> templates
Remove a generated template file.
val replace : template ->
templates -> templates
Add or replace a generated template file.
val fold : (template -> 'b -> 'b) ->
templates -> 'b -> 'b
Fold over generated template files.