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Module OASISHostPath

module OASISHostPath: sig .. end
Manipulate host filenames
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val make : OASISTypes.host_filename list -> OASISTypes.host_filename
Create a filename out of its components.
val of_unix : OASISTypes.unix_filename -> OASISTypes.host_filename
Convert a unix filename into host filename.
val to_unix : OASISTypes.host_filename -> OASISTypes.unix_filename
Convert a host filename into a unix filename. Not exported
val compare : OASISTypes.host_filename -> OASISTypes.host_filename -> int
Compare host filename. Not exported
val add_extension : OASISTypes.host_filename -> string -> OASISTypes.host_filename
See OASISUnixPath.add_extension. Not exported
module Map: OASISUtils.MapExt.S  with type key = host_filename
Map for host filename.