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Module OASISLibrary

module OASISLibrary: sig .. end
Library section
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val source_unix_files : ctxt:OASISContext.t ->
OASISTypes.common_section * OASISTypes.build_section * OASISTypes.library ->
(OASISTypes.unix_filename -> bool) ->
(OASISTypes.unix_filename * OASISTypes.unix_filename list) list
source_unix_files (cs, bs, lib) source_file_exists Source files for this library. The first part of the tuple is the file without extension for modules and the second part is the source files matching (e.g. .ml and .mli).
val generated_unix_files : ctxt:OASISContext.t ->
is_native:bool ->
has_native_dynlink:bool ->
ext_lib:string ->
ext_dll:string ->
source_file_exists:(OASISTypes.unix_filename -> bool) ->
OASISTypes.common_section * OASISTypes.build_section * OASISTypes.library ->
OASISTypes.unix_filename list list
generated_unix_files ~ctxt source_file_exists has_native_dynlink is_native ext_lib ext_dll (cs, bs, lib) Compute all files expected by a build of the library. For each file a list of alternatives is provided.
val schema : (OASISTypes.common_section * OASISTypes.build_section * OASISTypes.library)
Schema for the section. Not exported.