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Module OASISSection

module OASISSection: sig .. end
Manipulate sections.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

val string_of_section_kind : OASISTypes.section_kind -> string
Convert section_kind to string.

Manipulate a section

val section_kind_common : OASISTypes.section -> OASISTypes.section_kind * OASISTypes.common_section
Extract generic information
val section_common : OASISTypes.section -> OASISTypes.common_section
Common section of a section
val section_common_set : OASISTypes.common_section -> OASISTypes.section -> OASISTypes.section
Set the common part of a section
val section_id : OASISTypes.section -> OASISTypes.section_kind *
Key used to identify section
val string_of_section : OASISTypes.section -> string
Convert a section to a short string (only informations returned by OASISSection.section_id
val section_find : OASISTypes.section_kind * ->
OASISTypes.section list -> OASISTypes.section
Find a section

Containers for sections

module CSection: sig .. end
Comparable section, we only rely on section_id for comparison.
module MapSection: Map.S  with type key = CSection.t
Map using CSection.
module SetSection: Set.S  with type elt = CSection.t
Set using CSection.