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Module OASISSourcePatterns

module OASISSourcePatterns: sig .. end
Search source files, using pattern and templates.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall
Since 0.4.7 See `_oasis` fields 'InterfacePatterns' and 'ImplementationPatterns'.

type t 
A template to find a file.
val implementation : t list
List of templates to search an implementation file matching a module.
val interface : t list
List of templates to search an interface file metching a module.
val parse : string -> t
Parse the given string.
val to_string : t -> string
Return the string representation of t.
val all_possible_files : t list ->
path:OASISUnixPath.unix_dirname ->
modul:string -> OASISUnixPath.unix_filename list
List all possible files using the list of templates.
Raises Not_found if no templates match the given module
Returns The filename of the first matching template.
val odn_of_t : t -> OASISDataNotation.t
Convert to OASISDataNotation.