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Module OASISUnixPath

module OASISUnixPath: sig .. end
Unix path manipulation

The filename and dirname used in '_oasis' file and OASISTypes.package are always encoded as Unix path. They are changed when using it on the target system.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

type unix_filename = string 
type unix_dirname = unix_filename 
type host_filename = string 
type host_dirname = host_filename 
val current_dir_name : unix_filename
'.' on Unix.
val is_current_dir : unix_filename -> bool
Test if the filename is current dir (either '.' or '') on Unix.
val parent_dir_name : unix_filename
'..' on Unix.
val concat : unix_filename ->
unix_filename -> unix_filename
concat fn1 fn2 Concatenate fn1 and fn2, i.e. fn1^'/'^fn2.
val make : unix_filename list -> unix_filename
make lst Concatenate all filename components of lst.
val dirname : unix_filename -> unix_filename
dirname fn Return directory name of fn or current_dir_name if no directory name is defined.
val basename : unix_filename -> unix_filename
basename fn Return filename without its directory name.
val chop_extension : unix_filename -> unix_filename
chop_extension fn Remove the last part of the filename, after a '.', return fn if there is no extension.
val check_extension : unix_filename -> string -> bool
check_extension fn ext Check that the filen fn has the extension ext. Not exported
val add_extension : unix_filename -> string -> unix_filename
add_extension fn ext Add the extension ext to the filename fn. Not exported
val replace_extension : unix_filename -> string -> unix_filename
replace_extension fn ext Add the extension ext to the filename fn. Not exported
val capitalize_file : unix_filename -> unix_filename
capitalize_file fn Return filename capitalized.
val uncapitalize_file : unix_filename -> unix_filename
uncapitalize_file fn Return filename uncapitalized.
val reduce : unix_filename -> unix_filename
Try to compress the filename by removing '.' and collapsing '..'. Not exported
val make_relative : unix_filename ->
unix_filename -> unix_filename
make_relative fn_root fn Make fn relative to fn_root. Not exported
val is_current : unix_filename -> bool
Test if the filename is the current directory. Not exported
module Set: OASISUtils.SetExt.S  with type elt = unix_filename
Set for Unix path.