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Module OASISVersion

module OASISVersion: sig .. end
Version comparisons

This module handles versions and version comparators. A version is a string of the form "1.0.0". We compare integer and non-integer parts between to version to order them. Version comparators defined relations to a set of version. E.g. ">= 1.0.0" is a version comparator and defines all version above "1.0.0", including "1.0.0".

The version comparison is done using Debian policy for version.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall


type t 
val version_compare : t -> t -> int
Compare versions.
val version_of_string : string -> t
Convert a string to version.
val string_of_version : t -> string
Convert a version to string.
val value : t OASISValues.t
Version number value. Not exported.
val odn_of_t : t -> OASISDataNotation.t
Dump OASISDataNotation.t. Not exported.
val chop : t -> t
Remove the last part of a version, after the last '.'. I.e. 0.2.0~alpha1 -> 0.2.

Version comparator

type comparator = 
| VGreater of t
| VGreaterEqual of t
| VEqual of t
| VLesser of t
| VLesserEqual of t
| VOr of comparator * comparator
| VAnd of comparator * comparator
val comparator_apply : t -> comparator -> bool
Apply version comparator expression.
val string_of_comparator : comparator -> string
Convert a comparator to string. Example of output ">= 3.12.1".
val varname_of_comparator : comparator -> string
Convert a comparator to variable name.
val comparator_of_string : string -> comparator
Convert a string to comparator. Not exported.
val comparator_reduce : comparator -> comparator
Simplify comparator, if possible. Not exported.
val comparator_value : comparator OASISValues.t
Check that we have a version constraint. Not exported.
val odn_of_comparator : comparator -> OASISDataNotation.t
Dump OASISDataNotation.t. Not exported.
module StringVersion: sig .. end
The module OASISVersion.StringVersion uses string for version.