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Module PropList

module PropList: sig .. end
Property list
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

Types and exceptions

type name = string 
exception Not_set of name * string option
The field of name is not set with optional explanation.
exception No_printer of name
Can retrieve the field value, but no printer can convert. it to string.
exception Unknown_field of name * name
Unknown_field (fld, schm) Unknown field fld in schema schm.


module Data: sig .. end
This module stores heterogeneous data defined in Schema and Field.
module Schema: sig .. end
This module is a set of fields (Field.t and FieldRO.t) that can be addressed by their name (as string).
module Field: sig .. end
This module defines a field that hold a value.
module FieldRO: sig .. end
This module defines a read-only field.