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Index of types

all_plugin [OASISTypes]
all_t [OASISPlugin]
Base types for all plugins
arg [OASISTypes]
Command line argument.
args [OASISTypes]
Command line arguments.

body [OASISFileTemplate]
build_section [OASISTypes]
Common attributes for Executable and Library sections.

choices [OASISExpr]
Choose among different values
cli_handle_t [BaseEnv]
Command line handling for variable.
cli_parsing_post_t [CLISubCommand]
Function to run after parsing command line arguments.
cli_parsing_t [CLISubCommand]
Define the command line arguments required for a subcommand.
command_line [OASISTypes]
Command line.
comment [OASISFileTemplate]
Comment definition.
common_section [OASISTypes]
Common attributes for sections.
comparator [OASISVersion]
compiled_object [OASISTypes]
Compilation type.
conditional [OASISTypes]
Conditional value, last expression that evaluate to true define the value.
context_act [OASISPlugin]
Describe context when applying a plugin.
custom [OASISTypes]
Set of command lines to run before and after a step.

data [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
definition_t [BaseEnv]
Variable type.
dependency [OASISTypes]
Package dependency.
doc [OASISTypes]
Document definition.
doc_format [OASISTypes]
Document formats.

elt [OASISText]
executable [OASISTypes]
Executable definition.

field_name [OASISDataNotation]
file_generate_change [OASISFileTemplate]
Describe what has been done to generate a file out of a template.
filename [OASISFileSystem]
findlib_full [OASISTypes]
Package name + path for findlib, made of several findlib name concatenated with '.'.
findlib_name [OASISTypes]
Package name for findlib, doesn't contain '.'.
findlib_part_name [OASISFindlib]
flag [OASISExpr]
flag [OASISTypes]
Command line flag definition.
func [OASISDataNotation]
Function that can be generated using func_call = APP(func, [], func_arg).

getter [OASISPlugin]
group_t [OASISFindlib]
Library groups are organized in trees.

help [OASISPlugin]
help_extent [CLIArgExt]
help_style [CLIArgExt]
host_dirname [OASISTypes]
Host directory name.
host_dirname [OASISUnixPath]
host_filename [OASISTypes]
Host file name.
host_filename [OASISUnixPath]

kind [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]

level [OASISContext]
library [OASISTypes]
Library definition.
library_name [OASISFindlib]
license [OASISLicense]
Valid licenses
license_data [OASISLicense]
Extra data about license Not exported
license_dep_5 [OASISLicense]
DEP-5 license, complex.
license_dep_5_unit [OASISLicense]
DEP-5 license, basic.
license_exception [OASISLicense]
Valid license exceptions.
license_exception_data [OASISLicense]
Extra data about license exception Not exported
license_version [OASISLicense]
License version.
line [OASISFileTemplate]

main_t [CLISubCommand]
The main function to run the subcommand.
map_of_findlib_part_name [OASISFindlib]
modul [OASISPlugin]
OCaml module embedded code.
module_name [OASISDataNotation]

name [OASISTypes]
Standard name.
name [PropList]

object_ [OASISTypes]
Object definition.
origin [OASISFeatures]
origin_t [BaseEnv]
Origin of the variable, if a variable has been already set with a higher origin, it won't be set again.

package [OASISTypes]
OASIS package, what an '_oasis' file contains.
package_act [OASISPlugin]
Generator with a package argument only (build, install).
package_name [OASISTypes]
Name of a package, see OASISTypes.package.
plugin [OASISTypes]
Plugin definition, plugin type depends on which fields this types is used for.
plugin_data [OASISTypes]
Property list storage for plugin data
plugin_data_purpose [OASISTypes]
Additional data to allow registration of more than one data property per plugin.
plugin_kind [OASISTypes]
Plugin kind.
prog [OASISTypes]
prop [OASISPlugin]
publication [OASISFeatures]

quickstart_level [OASISTypes]
Quickstart level.
quickstart_question [OASISTypes]
Howto ask questions in quickstart.

run_t [CLISubCommand]
Generate command line arguments and the function to run the main of the subcommand.

section [OASISTypes]
All sections and their attributes.
section_act [OASISPlugin]
Generator for sections (document, test).
section_args_fun [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4.BaseSetup]
section_args_fun [BaseSetup]
section_kind [OASISTypes]
self_plugin [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
self_t [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
setter [OASISPlugin]
setup_changes [OASISPlugin]
Describe setup file changes.
source [OASISContext]
source_filename [OASISContext]
source_repository [OASISTypes]
Source repository definition.
stage [OASISFeatures]
std_args_fun [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4.BaseSetup]
std_args_fun [BaseSetup]

t [CLISubCommand]
t [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4.BaseSetup]
t [BaseSetup]
t [BaseEnvLight]
t [BaseBuilt]
t [OASISDataNotation]
t [OASISFeatures.Data]
t [OASISFeatures]
t [OASISGraph]
t [OASISSection.CSection]
t [OASISSchema]
t [OASISPlugin]
Base types to build plugin: register fields, action, generators...
t [OASISSetupUpdate]
t [OASISLicense]
OASIS supported type of license.
t [OASISVersion.StringVersion]
t [OASISVersion]
t [OASISExpr]
Boolean expression definition.
t [OASISValues]
Definition of a value.
t [OASISText]
t [OASISSourcePatterns]
A template to find a file.
t [OASISContext]
t [PropList.Field]
A field.
t [PropList.Schema]
A schema.
t [PropList.Data]
template [OASISFileTemplate]
templates [OASISFileTemplate]
Set of templates.
test [OASISExpr]
Test definition.
test [OASISTypes]
Test definition.
tool [OASISTypes]
Tool dependency.

unix_dirname [OASISTypes]
UNIX directory name.
unix_dirname [OASISUnixPath]
unix_filename [OASISTypes]
UNIX file name.
unix_filename [OASISUnixPath]
url [OASISTypes]
Standard URL.

value [PropList.Schema]
A value.
var_name [OASISDataNotation]
variant_name [OASISDataNotation]
vcs [OASISTypes]
Possible VCS.
vertex [OASISGraph]