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Index of values

Get action.
adapt_setup_t [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4]
add [OASISFileTemplate]
Add a generated template file.
add_edge [OASISGraph]
add_extension [OASISHostPath]
add_extension [OASISUnixPath]
add_extension fn ext Add the extension ext to the filename fn.
add_file [OASISPlugin]
Add a template to context
add_list [OASISUtils.SetExt.S]
Extends a set with a list.
add_list [OASISUtils.MapExt.S]
Extends a map with an association list.
add_plugin [OASISFeatures.Data]
add_vertex [OASISGraph]
agpl [OASISLicense]
all [BaseSetup]
Run all steps: configure, build, doc, test and install.
all_features [OASISFeatures]
all_plugins [OASISPlugin]
all_possible_files [OASISSourcePatterns]
List all possible files using the list of templates.
alpha [OASISFeatures]
apache [OASISLicense]
architecture [BaseStandardVar]
args [BaseContext]
See OASISContext.args.
args [BaseEnv]
Default command line arguments, computed using variable definitions.
artistic [OASISLicense]

basename [OASISUnixPath]
basename fn Return filename without its directory name.
basesys_ml [BaseData]
All exported modules from base library, default content for ''.
basesysbundle_ml [BaseData]
Set of modules to load for the 'bundle' subcommand
basesysenvironment_ml [BaseData]
Minimal set of exported modules to load the '' files.
beta [OASISFeatures]
binary_in [OASISFileSystem]
binary_out [OASISFileSystem]
bindir [BaseStandardVar]
blackbox [OASISValues]
Hidden value to build phantom data storage, cannot set/get it using string.
boolean [OASISValues]
Boolean value, use bool_of_string to parse.
bsd2 [OASISLicense]
bsd3 [OASISLicense]
bsd4 [OASISLicense]
build [BaseSetup]
Run the build step.
build_order [OASISBuildSection]
Compute the order of section building, taking into account build dependencies between sections.
builtin [OASISPlugin]
Use a builtin plugin (i.e.
bytecomp_c_compiler [BaseStandardVar]

capitalize_ascii [OASISString]
capitalize_file [OASISUnixPath]
capitalize_file fn Return filename capitalized.
categories [OASISValues]
Category list value.
cc0 [OASISLicense]
cc_by [OASISLicense]
cc_by_nc [OASISLicense]
cc_by_nc_nd [OASISLicense]
cc_by_nc_sa [OASISLicense]
cc_by_nd [OASISLicense]
cc_by_sa [OASISLicense]
ccomp_type [BaseStandardVar]
cddl [OASISLicense]
cecill [OASISLicense]
cecillb [OASISLicense]
cecillc [OASISLicense]
check [OASISExpr]
Check that a boolean expression only use available flags.
check_extension [OASISUnixPath]
check_extension fn ext Check that the filen fn has the extension ext.
choices [OASISLicense]
Choices for quickstart question.
choices [OASISValues]
choices nm lst Value that must be in a list of predefined choices.
choose [OASISExpr]
choose ~printer ~name eval_tst choices Evaluate each conditions of choices and choose the last condition that evaluates to true.
chop [OASISVersion]
Remove the last part of a version, after the last '.'.
chop_extension [OASISUnixPath]
chop_extension fn Remove the last part of the filename, after a '.', return fn if there is no extension.
clean [BaseSetup]
Run the clean step.
clear [PropList.Data]
Clear a data storage.
close_out [CLIPager]
comma_separated [OASISValues]
Same as OASISValues.dot_separated using ',' as separator.
command_line [OASISValues]
Command line.
command_line_options [OASISValues]
Arguments of command line programs.
comment_bat [OASISFileTemplate]
.bat file comments.
comment_makefile [OASISFileTemplate]
Makefile comments.
comment_markdown [OASISFileTemplate]
Markdown comments.
comment_meta [OASISFileTemplate]
META file comments.
comment_ml [OASISFileTemplate]
.ml comments.
comment_ocamlbuild [OASISFileTemplate]
OCamlbuild comments.
comment_sh [OASISFileTemplate]
Shell comments.
comparator_apply [OASISVersion]
Apply version comparator expression.
comparator_ge [OASISVersion.StringVersion]
comparator_ge version comparator_opt Check if comparator is compatible with all versions >= than version.
comparator_of_string [OASISVersion]
Convert a string to comparator.
comparator_reduce [OASISVersion]
Simplify comparator, if possible.
comparator_value [OASISVersion]
Check that we have a version constraint.
compare [OASISHostPath]
Compare host filename.
compare [OASISSection.CSection]
compare [OASISVersion.StringVersion]
Compare version strings.
compare_csl [OASISUtils]
Caseless compare function
compiled_setup_ml [BaseData]
Toploop for dynrun (yet another alternative).
compiled_setup_ml [OASISFeatures]
concat [OASISUnixPath]
concat fn1 fn2 Concatenate fn1 and fn2, i.e.
configure [BaseSetup]
Run the configure step.
contains [OASISString]
copy [OASISGraph]
copyright [OASISValues]
Copyright value.
cp [OASISFileUtil]
Copy a file.
cpl [OASISLicense]
create [OASISFeatures.Data]
create [OASISFeatures]
create [OASISGraph]
create [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
create [OASISFileTemplate]
No generated template files with the given set of files with the OASIS section disabled.
create [PropList.FieldRO]
Create a read-only field.
create [PropList.Field]
Create a field, and optionally attached it to a schema.
create [PropList.Schema]
Create a schema.
create [PropList.Data]
Create a data storage.
current_dir_name [OASISUnixPath]
'.' on Unix.

data_assert [OASISFeatures]
data_check [OASISFeatures]
data_create [OASISPlugin]
Create storage for plugin data.
data_new_property [OASISPlugin]
data_new_property plg Create a property that can store plugin data.
data_test [OASISFeatures]
datadir [BaseStandardVar]
datarootdir [BaseStandardVar]
debug [BaseMessage]
debug [BaseStandardVar]
Compile in debug mode.
debug [OASISMessage]
Print a debug message.
default [BaseContext]
default [OASISContext]
Default context
default_anon [CLISubCommand]
default_executable_name [BaseStandardVar]
default_filename [BaseSetup]
Default filename for ''.
default_filename [BaseLog]
Default file for registering log.
default_filename [BaseEnv]
Environment default file.
default_filename [BaseEnvLight]
Environment default file.
default_fspecs [CLISubCommand]
default_oasis_fn [BaseSetup]
Default filename for '_oasis'.
default_oasis_fn [OASISParse]
Default name of _oasis.
defer_close [OASISFileSystem]
define_oasis_fn [CLICommon]
Add arguments to define where is located '_oasis'.
destdir [BaseStandardVar]
directory [OASISValues]
Directory value.
dirname [OASISUnixPath]
dirname fn Return directory name of fn or current_dir_name if no directory name is defined.
disable_oasis_section [OASISFeatures]
distclean [BaseSetup]
Run the distclean step.
doc [BaseSetup]
Run the doc step: build all documents.
doc [BaseDoc]
doc lst pkg extra_args Build all documents.
docdir [BaseStandardVar]
docs [BaseStandardVar]
Compile docs.
dot_separated [OASISValues]
dot_separated v When parsing split the input string using '.' separator and apply v.parse.
dump [BaseEnv]
Save environment on disk.
dvidir [BaseStandardVar]
dynrun_for_release [OASISFeatures]
dynrun_for_release_ml [BaseData]
Toploop for dynrun (alternative).
dynrun_ml [BaseData]
Toploop for dynrun.

eiffel [OASISLicense]
elements [PropList.Data]
List field set, not exported
ends_with [OASISString]
env [BaseEnv]
Data for environment.
equal [OASISSection.CSection]
error [BaseMessage]
error [OASISMessage]
Print an error message.
escape [OASISUtils.POSIXShell]
escape s quote s if needed to protect spaces, '"' and '\'' so it reads as a single argument in a POSIX shell command, the content of which is identical to s (interpreted with OCaml conventions).
eval [OASISExpr]
eval eval_tst t Evaluates the expression.
exec_prefix [BaseStandardVar]
exists [BaseLog]
Check if an event exists in the log file.
expandable [OASISValues]
Extra check to see if the string value, can be expanded using Buffer.add_substitute rules.
expat [OASISLicense]
ext_asm [BaseStandardVar]
ext_dll [BaseStandardVar]
ext_lib [BaseStandardVar]
ext_obj [BaseStandardVar]
ext_program [BaseStandardVar]
Compute the default suffix for program (e.g.

f_ [OASISGettext]
Translate a format string.
failwithf [OASISUtils]
This function raises the Failure exception just as failwith except that one specifies the string raised through a format string.
failwithpf [OASISUtils]
This function raises the Failure exception just as failwith except that one specifies the string raised through a format string and locate the error using lexbuf in the source file.
features [OASISFeatures]
fget [PropList.Field]
Retrieve a field from a PropList.Data.t.
fgets [PropList.Field]
Same as PropList.Field.fget but applies a printer to the value returned.
field_of_stage [OASISFeatures]
file [OASISValues]
File value.
file_exists_case [OASISFileUtil]
Test file existence, considering case even on case insensitive filesystem.
file_generate [OASISFileTemplate]
Generate a file using a template.
file_glob [OASISValues]
File with glob value.
file_location [OASISUtils]
This function returns a string describing a position in a file, to locate an error.
file_rollback [OASISFileTemplate]
Reset to pristine a generated file.
files [OASISValues]
File list value.
filter [BaseLog]
Filter events of the log file.
find [CLISubCommand]
Find a subcommand.
find [BaseSetup]
Get template '' file out of the plugin context.
find [OASISString]
find [OASISFileTemplate]
Find a generated template file.
find_file [OASISFileUtil]
find_file paths exts Find a file among all provided paths, trying various extensiosn exts.
find_module [OASISBuildSection]
Search a module file.
findlib_directory [OASISFeatures]
findlib_extra_files [OASISFeatures]
findlib_full [OASISValues]
Findlib package name with path value, e.g.
findlib_mapping [OASISFindlib]
Compute groups of libraries, associate root libraries with a tree of its children.
findlib_name [OASISValues]
Findlib package name value, without its path.
findlib_of_group [OASISFindlib]
Return the findlib root name of a group, it takes into account containers.
findlib_version [BaseStandardVar]
Findlib version.
flag_docs [OASISFeatures]
flag_tests [OASISFeatures]
flexdll_version [BaseStandardVar]
flexlink [BaseStandardVar]
fn_ [OASISGettext]
fn_ fmt_singular fmt_plural n Translate a plural string using either fmt_singular or fmt_plural, depending of the plural status of number n in the target language.
fold [BaseBuilt]
Fold-left files built, filter existing and non-existing files.
fold [OASISFileTemplate]
Fold over generated template files.
fold [PropList.Schema]
fold f acc t Apply f acc field_name field_extra field_help in turn to all fields of schema t.
fold_edges [OASISGraph]
fold_left [OASISString]
freebsd [OASISLicense]
from_file [OASISParse]
See OASISParse.from_stream, apply to a filename.
from_stream [OASISParse]
from_stream ~ctxt ~ignore_plugins ~fn st Parse the OASIS file ~fn and check it.
from_string [OASISParse]
See OASISParse.from_stream, apply to a string.
fset [PropList.Field]
Store a field in a PropList.Data.t.
fsets [PropList.Field]
Same as PropList.Field.fset but parses a string to get the value.
fspecs [CLIArgExt]
fspecs [OASISContext]
Command line arguments to create OASISContext.t.
func [OASISDataNotation]
Return the OCaml function corresponding to a func.
func_call [OASISDataNotation]
Return the OCaml function corresponding to a func.
func_with_arg [OASISDataNotation]
Create a func with an argument
func_with_arg_ctxt [OASISDataNotation]

generate [BaseGenerate]
Generate '' file and the rest of the build system.
generated_unix_files [OASISObject]
generated_unix_files ~ctxt source_file_exists has_native_dynlink is_native ext_lib ext_dll (cs, bs, lib) Compute all files expected by a build of the library.
generated_unix_files [OASISLibrary]
generated_unix_files ~ctxt source_file_exists has_native_dynlink is_native ext_lib ext_dll (cs, bs, lib) Compute all files expected by a build of the library.
generator_package [OASISPlugin]
Call generator for provided plugin
generator_section [OASISPlugin]
Call generator for provided plugin on a section
generic_message [OASISMessage]
Generic message.
get [PropList.Schema]
get t data nm Retrieve the string value of field nm from schema t stores in data.
get_stage [OASISFeatures]
gfdl [OASISLicense]
gfdl_niv [OASISLicense]
glob [OASISFileUtil]
Expand a filename containing '*.ext' into corresponding real files.
gpl [OASISLicense]

hash [OASISSection.CSection]
help [OASISPlugin]
Get general help text
help_default [OASISPlugin]
hook [BaseCustom]
hook ~failsafe custom f a Apply a function nested in a custom block as defined by OASISTypes.custom.
htmldir [BaseStandardVar]

if_then_else [OASISExpr]
if_then_else cond choices_if choices_else Combine choices, if_then_else style.
implementation [OASISSourcePatterns]
List of templates to search an implementation file matching a module.
in_srcdir [OASISContext]
info [BaseMessage]
info [OASISMessage]
Print information message.
infodir [BaseStandardVar]
init [BaseDynVar]
Read 'setup.log' and sets variables.
init [BaseStandardVar]
Initialize some variables.
init [OASISGettext]
Gettext initialization.
install [BaseSetup]
Run the install step.
interface [OASISSourcePatterns]
List of templates to search an interface file metching a module.
internal_library [OASISValues]
Internal library.
is_built [BaseBuilt]
Check if a library/object/doc/exec has been built.
is_current [OASISUnixPath]
Test if the filename is the current directory.
is_current_dir [OASISUnixPath]
Test if the filename is current dir (either '.' or '') on Unix.
is_native [BaseStandardVar]
Check that the platform is a native platform (can compile native exec/library).
is_varname [OASISUtils]
is_varname str Check that the string str is a valid varname.
is_whitespace [OASISString]
isc [OASISLicense]
iter [PropList.Schema]
Same as PropList.Schema.fold except no accumulator are involved.

legal_disclaimer [OASISLicense]
Convert a DEP-5 license to a legal disclaimer for the product.
lgpl [OASISLicense]
libdir [BaseStandardVar]
libexecdir [BaseStandardVar]
license_data [OASISLicense]
All available license, their short name, their long name, and compatible versions.
license_exception_data [OASISLicense]
All available license exception, their name, and compatible license.
list [OASISFeatures]
list_builtin [CLISubCommand]
List all builtin plugin registered.
list_plugin [CLISubCommand]
List all PluginLoader entries registered.
load [BaseLog]
Load the log file.
load [BaseEnv]
Initialize environment.
load [BaseEnvLight]
Load environment.
localedir [BaseStandardVar]
localstatedir [BaseStandardVar]
lowercase_ascii [OASISString]
lppl [OASISLicense]
ls [OASISPlugin]
List available plugins.

make [OASISHostPath]
Create a filename out of its components.
make [OASISUnixPath]
make lst Concatenate all filename components of lst.
make_relative [OASISUnixPath]
make_relative fn_root fn Make fn relative to fn_root.
make_run [CLISubCommand]
make_run fspecs main Create a run_t by combining argument parsing with the main function.
mandir [BaseStandardVar]
may [OASISUtils]
may f (Some x) calls f x or do nothing.
mem [PropList.Schema]
Check that the given field name exists.
mem_no_version [OASISPlugin]
mit [OASISLicense]
mkdir [OASISFileUtil]
Create a directory.
mkdir_parent [OASISFileUtil]
mkdir_parent f tgt Create a directory and its parent, call f with directory name created, in order.
model [BaseStandardVar]
modules [OASISValues]
Module list value.
mpl [OASISLicense]

name [PropList.Schema]
Get the name of the schema.
native_c_compiler [BaseStandardVar]
native_dynlink [BaseStandardVar]
Support for .cmxs.
new_field [OASISSchema]
new_field schm plugin_id name value help pivot_data sync Create a field for a plugin.
new_field_conditional [OASISSchema]
Create a conditional field for a plugin.
newline_separated [OASISValues]
Same OASISValues.dot_separated using '\n' as separator.
no_automatic_syntax [OASISFeatures]
ns_ [OASISGettext]
Do nothing, but register it for translation
nsplit [OASISString]
nsplit c s Split the string s at char c.
nsplitf [OASISString]

oasissys_ml [OASISData]
oasissysbundle_ml [OASISData]
oasissyslight_ml [OASISData]
ocaml_linking_exception [OASISLicense]
ocaml_version [BaseStandardVar]
ocamlbuild [BaseStandardVar]
ocamlc [BaseStandardVar]
ocamlc [BaseOCamlcConfig]
The ocamlc command line tool.
ocamlfind [BaseStandardVar]
ocamlfind [BaseCheck]
The ocamlfind command line tool, used to query version of package.
ocamlopt [BaseStandardVar]
odn_of_choices [OASISExpr]
Dump OASISDataNotation.t.
odn_of_command_line [OASISTypes]
odn_of_comparator [OASISVersion]
Dump OASISDataNotation.t.
odn_of_conditional [OASISTypes]
odn_of_func [OASISDataNotation]
Return the t code corresponding to a func.
odn_of_package [OASISTypes]
odn_of_t [OASISLicense]
Dump OASISDataNotation.t.
odn_of_t [OASISVersion]
Dump OASISDataNotation.t.
odn_of_t [OASISSourcePatterns]
Convert to OASISDataNotation.
odn_of_unix_dirname [OASISTypes]
odn_of_unix_filename [OASISTypes]
of_bool [OASISDataNotation]
of_executable [BaseBuilt]
of_executable loc_fn (cs, bs, exec) Compute at the same time events that should be registered by BaseBuilt.register and data returned by OASISExecutable.unix_exec_is.
of_library [BaseBuilt]
of_library loc_fn (cs, bs, lib) Same as BaseBuilt.of_executable, but using OASISLibrary.generated_unix_files.
of_list [OASISDataNotation]
of_list [OASISUtils.SetExt.S]
Convert a list to a set.
of_list [OASISUtils.MapExt.S]
Convert an association list to a map.
of_object [BaseBuilt]
of_object loc_fn (cs, bs, lib) Same as BaseBuilt.of_executable, but using OASISObject.generated_unix_files.
of_option [OASISDataNotation]
of_package [BaseSetup]
Create t and plugin context from an OASIS package and the matching _oasis.
of_package [OASISFeatures.Data]
of_string [OASISDataNotation]
of_string [OASISText]
of_unit [OASISDataNotation]
of_unix [OASISHostPath]
Convert a unix filename into host filename.
of_unix_filename [OASISFileSystem]
open_out [CLIPager]
opt [OASISValues]
Optional value.
os_type [BaseStandardVar]

pack [OASISFeatures]
package [BaseCheck]
Check for findlib package and version.
package_test [OASISFeatures]
package_version [BaseCheck]
Get findlib package version .
pager_cmd [CLIPager]
parent_dir_name [OASISUnixPath]
'..' on Unix.
parse [BaseArgExt]
Parse command line argument, using provided arguments.
parse [OASISSourcePatterns]
Parse the given string.
parse_and_run [CLIArgExt]
parse_oasis_fn [CLICommon]
Locate '_oasis' and parse it.
pdfdir [BaseStandardVar]
perl [OASISLicense]
pkg_name [BaseStandardVar]
pkg_version [BaseStandardVar]
plugin_compare [OASISPlugin]
Compare plugin, caseless for name and don't take into account version if one is not set.
plugin_equal [OASISPlugin]
Test equality for plugins, a special case of OASISPlugin.plugin_compare.
plugin_of_string [OASISPlugin]
Get a plugin from a string
plugin_version [OASISFeatures.Data]
plugins_of_string [OASISPlugin]
Get a list of plugins from a string
pp_odn [OASISDataNotation]
pp_print [OASISText]
pp_print_cut2 [FormatExt]
Print two cut in a row.
pp_print_def [FormatExt]
Print a definition, as defined by pandoc (ext.
pp_print_endblock [FormatExt]
Print 1 or 2 newlines depending on the previous char.
pp_print_help [CLIArgExt]
pp_print_list [FormatExt]
pp_print_list pp_elem sep fmt lst Print the list lst of elements using pp_elem for each element and separate them by sep.
pp_print_para [FormatExt]
pp_print_para fmt str Print a paragraph.
pp_print_paraf [FormatExt]
pp_print_string_spaced [FormatExt]
Print a string considering ' ' as Format space.
pp_print_title [FormatExt]
pp_print_title fmt lvl str Print a title using markdown formatting.
pp_print_titlef [FormatExt]
pp_print_verbatim [OASISText]
prefix [BaseStandardVar]
print [BaseEnv]
Display environment to user.
print_hidden [BaseEnv]
Display all variables, even hidden one.
profile [BaseStandardVar]
Compile in profile mode.
prog [BaseCheck]
Check the presence of a particular program.
prog_best [BaseCheck]
Look for a program among a list of alternative program * the first found is returned.
prog_opt [BaseCheck]
Check the presence of a program or its native version.
proprietary [OASISLicense]
psdir [BaseStandardVar]
psf [OASISLicense]
public_domain [OASISLicense]

qpl [OASISLicense]
quickstart_completion [OASISPlugin]
Get quickstart completion
quickstart_question [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
Quickstart question.
quiet [OASISContext]
Quiet context.

rctxt [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4]
read_all [OASISFileSystem]
readme_template_mkd [OASISData]
reduce [OASISExpr]
Try to reduce the size of a boolean expression.
reduce [OASISUnixPath]
Try to compress the filename by removing '.' and collapsing '..'.
reduce_choices [OASISExpr]
Try to reduce the size of a choice list.
register [CLISubCommand]
register ~usage name synopsis help run Create a subcommand using provided data, see CLISubCommand.t for their meanings.
register [BaseLog]
Add an event to the log file.
register [BaseBuilt]
Register files built.
register_act [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
Register the section_act or package_act datastructure.
register_generator_package [OASISPlugin]
Register a generator for package, to store data of a plugin
register_generator_section [OASISPlugin]
Register a generator for a section, to store data of a plugin
register_help [OASISPlugin]
Register general help.
register_quickstart_completion [OASISPlugin]
Register a quickstart completion for this plugin
reinstall [BaseSetup]
Run the reinstall step: deinstall and install.
remove [OASISFileTemplate]
Remove a generated template file.
replace [BaseFileAB]
Replace variable in file %.ab to generate %.
replace [OASISFileTemplate]
Add or replace a generated template file.
replace_chars [OASISString]
replace_extension [OASISUnixPath]
replace_extension fn ext Add the extension ext to the filename fn.
restore [BaseGenerate]
Restore generated files, when generate has been called with ~restore:true.
rm [BaseStandardVar]
Host command to delete a file.
rmdir [BaseStandardVar]
Host command to delete a directory.
rmdir [OASISFileUtil]
Remove a directory.
root_of_group [OASISFindlib]
Return the root library, i.e.
run [BaseCustom]
run prg args extra_args Expand and run command.
run [OASISExec]
Run a command.
run_read_one_line [OASISExec]
Run a command and returns only first line.
run_read_output [OASISExec]
Run a command and returns its output as a list of lines.

s_ [OASISGettext]
Translate a string.
sbindir [BaseStandardVar]
schema [BaseEnv]
Schema for environment.
schema [OASISTest]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISSourceRepository]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISPackage]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISObject]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISLibrary]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISFlag]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISExecutable]
Schema for the section.
schema [OASISDocument]
Schema for the section.
section_common [OASISSection]
Common section of a section
section_common_set [OASISSection]
Set the common part of a section
section_find [OASISSection]
Find a section
section_id [OASISSection]
Key used to identify section
section_kind_common [OASISSection]
Extract generic information
section_object [OASISFeatures]
set [PropList.Schema]
set t data nm ~context str Parse string value str in ~context and stores it in data for field nm of schema t.
set_error [OASISPlugin]
Define an error in context.
setup [BaseCompat.Compat_0_4.BaseSetup]
setup [BaseSetup]
The first function called when running ''.
setup_ml_text [BaseCompat]
sharedstatedir [BaseStandardVar]
since_version [OASISFeatures]
source_patterns [OASISFeatures]
source_unix_files [OASISObject]
source_unix_files (cs, bs, obj) source_file_exists Source files for this object.
source_unix_files [OASISLibrary]
source_unix_files (cs, bs, lib) source_file_exists Source files for this library.
space_separated [OASISValues]
Same as OASISValues.dot_separated using blanks as separator.
split [OASISString]
split [OASISUtils.POSIXShell]
split s: the string s is interpreted as command line arguments and splitted into its components (un-escaped).
split_comma [OASISString]
Split a list using ',' as separator.
split_newline [OASISString]
Split a list using '\n' as separator.
split_optional_parentheses [OASISString]
Split a string containing '(...)' optionally.
standard_library [BaseStandardVar]
standard_library_default [BaseStandardVar]
standard_runtime [BaseStandardVar]
starts_with [OASISString]
stream_of_reader [OASISFileSystem]
string [OASISValues]
String value.
string_not_empty [OASISValues]
String value, must not be "".
string_of_choices [OASISExpr]
Transform a list of choice into a string.
string_of_comparator [OASISVersion]
Convert a comparator to string.
string_of_license [OASISLicense]
Convert a license to string.
string_of_license_exception [OASISLicense]
Convert a license exception to string.
string_of_plugin [OASISPlugin]
Get a list of plugins from a string
string_of_section [OASISSection]
Convert a section to a short string (only informations returned by OASISSection.section_id
string_of_section_kind [OASISSection]
Convert section_kind to string.
string_of_stage [OASISFeatures]
string_of_test [OASISExpr]
Convert a test to string.
string_of_version [OASISVersion]
Convert a version to string.
strip_ends_with [OASISString]
strip_starts_with [OASISString]
sub_end [OASISString]
sub_start [OASISString]
sysconfdir [BaseStandardVar]
system [BaseStandardVar]
systhread_supported [BaseStandardVar]

template_make [OASISFileTemplate]
template_make fn cmt header body footer Create a template for which target file is fn.
template_of_mlfile [OASISFileTemplate]
template_of_ml_file fn Create an OCaml file template taking into account subtleties, like line modifier.
template_of_string_list [OASISFileTemplate]
template_of_string_list ~ctxt ~template ~pure fn cmt lst Split the list lst into a header, body and footer, using comment cmt to determine each part.
test [BaseTest]
test lst pkg extra_args Run all tests.
test [BaseSetup]
Run the test step: run all tests.
test_field_name [OASISPlugin]
Check that a field name has the form to match a plugin.
test_of_string [OASISExpr]
Convert a string to test.
tests [BaseStandardVar]
Run tests.
tests [OASISExpr]
Mandatory tests.
to_filename [BaseFileAB]
Compute the target filename of an .ab file.
to_list [OASISUtils.SetExt.S]
Shortcut for Set.elements.
to_list [OASISUtils.MapExt.S]
Convert a map to an association list.
to_plugin [OASISPlugin]
Convert back to plugin
to_string [OASISFeatures.Data]
to_string [OASISFeatures]
to_string [OASISLicense]
Convert a DEP-5 license to string.
to_string [OASISExpr]
Transform an expression into a string.
to_string [OASISText]
to_string [OASISSourcePatterns]
Return the string representation of t.
to_string_list [OASISFileTemplate]
Create a list representation of the file.
to_unix [OASISHostPath]
Convert a host filename into a unix filename.
to_unix_filename [OASISFileSystem]
tokenize [OASISString]
tokenize_genlex [OASISString]
topological_sort [OASISGraph]
transitive_build_depends [OASISBuildSection]
Compute a map between sections and its build depends.
transitive_closure [OASISGraph]
trim [OASISString]

uncapitalize_ascii [OASISString]
uncapitalize_file [OASISUnixPath]
uncapitalize_file fn Return filename uncapitalized.
unescape [OASISUtils.POSIXShell]
unescape s returns a string s' removing all backslashes preceding a char.
uninstall [BaseSetup]
Run the uninstall step.
unix_exec_is [OASISExecutable]
unix_exec_is (cs, bs, exec) is_native ext_dll suffix_program Compute the filename of the real executable, with full unix path.
unload [BaseEnv]
Uninitialize environment.
unregister [BaseLog]
Remove an event from the log file.
unregister [BaseBuilt]
Unregister all files built.
update_fail [OASISValues]
uppercase_ascii [OASISString]
url [OASISValues]
URL value.
usage_msg [CLIArgExt]

value [OASISPlugin.PLUGINS]
Parse a plugin field.
value [OASISLicense]
License value.
value [OASISVersion]
Version number value.
value [OASISText]
value_of_vertex [OASISGraph]
var_all [BaseEnv]
Get all variables.
var_choose [BaseEnv]
Choose a value among conditional expressions.
var_choose [BaseEnvLight]
Choose a value among conditional expressions.
var_define [BaseOCamlcConfig]
Look for the variable name in the 'ocamlc -config' output and define it.
var_define [BaseEnv]
Define a variable.
var_expand [BaseEnv]
Expand variable that can be found in string.
var_expand [BaseEnvLight]
Expand a variable, replacing $(X) by variable X recursively.
var_get [BaseEnv]
Get variable.
var_get [BaseEnvLight]
Get a variable that evaluate expression that can be found in it (see Buffer.add_substitute).
var_ignore [BaseEnv]
Well-typed ignore for var_define.
var_protect [BaseEnv]
Protect a variable content, to avoid expansion.
var_redefine [BaseEnv]
Define a variable or redefine it.
varname_concat [OASISUtils]
varname_concat ~hyphen p s Concat variable name, removing hyphen at end of p and at beginning of s.
varname_of_comparator [OASISVersion]
Convert a comparator to variable name.
varname_of_string [OASISUtils]
varname_of_string ~hyphen:c s Transform a string s into a variable name, following this convention: no digit at the beginning, lowercase, only a-z and 0-9 chars.
version [BaseSetup]
Display OASIS version used to generate this
version [BaseCheck]
version var_pref cmp ver () Check version ver (), using cmp and OASISVersion.comparator_apply.
version_compare [OASISVersion]
Compare versions.
version_of_string [OASISVersion]
Convert a string to version.
vertex_of_value [OASISGraph]

w3c_software [OASISLicense]
warning [BaseMessage]
warning [OASISMessage]
Print a warning message.
which [OASISFileUtil]
Find real filename of an executable.
with_optional_parentheses [OASISValues]
with_optional_parentheses v_main v_opt Combine two values.
wtfpl [OASISLicense]

zlib [OASISLicense]
zope [OASISLicense]