Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications

What is oasis2debian

This sub-project aims to create a tool that can automatically translate an _oasis file into a ready to use debian/ directory. The point of this transformation is to automate package generation and deployment for all users (private use) and provide a good starting point for Debian Developer that wish to create a package out of and OASIS enabled package.

The author has been a Debian Developer and active member of the Debian OCaml Maintainer team. The current conversion is good, although it is probably not a perfect fit for direct upload to the main Debian archive. The author maintains its own set of packages directly transformed from _oasis and distributed to all his computers through a simple apt-get repository. This is an effective way to distribute OCaml program (without the need of recompilation).


Given the findlib name that the _oasis depends on and using ocamlfind, it finds the right dependency if the package corresponding is installed (but otherwise the package will not debuild). There is also a more generic way to guess dependencies and in this case we don't need to have the dependent packages installed.

Using the options --group and --dh-dirs, you can automatically create the snippet to create new group.


The source code is on github.